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Blockchains are now recognized as the “fifth evolution” of computing, the missing trust layer for the Internet. Firms who integrate aspects of blockchain in their business strategy stand the privilege of enjoying the following benefits; greater transparency, decentralization, reduced costs for businesses, data ownership, enhanced security, increased efficiency and speed, fraud control, quality assurance, and peer-to-peer global transactions.

Rumis Engage has set out to assist individuals, NGOs and firms explore every aspect of the emerging technology in the effort of delivering tailored solutions to elicit value and positive social impact.

Our goal is for our partners and clients to understand the technology itself and its use cases across specific sectors such as healthcare, logistics, and supply chain, insurance, governance, agriculture, real estate, and banking. As part of the quest to achieve our goal, we have introduced one of our digital products (i.e., Blockchain News Ghana) whose mandate is to inform, educate, and connect the global, specifically the African minds, firms, and the investment community through news, data, events, and education.

We at Rumis Engage are to assist firms and individuals appreciate blockchain technology and its use cases in their line of industry.

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