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Now more than ever, firms who are reluctant at analysing current and future internal and external digital environments will be blind to insights relevant for crucial decision making and business success. Behind every growth success story is a thoughtful strategy.

A digital marketing strategy is necessary to provide consistent direction for an organisation’s online marketing activities and further integrate these online activities into other traditional marketing activities geared towards supporting overall business objectives.

Why is it important? Rumis Engage Point of View

At Rumis Engage, we believe that a robust marketing and digital strategy assists firms to appropriately allocate sufficient resources to individual marketing activities and measure such activities through analytics. We further believe that without a coherent strategy of engagement and retention through digital channels, your business is at best missing a golden opportunity, and at worst could be left behind, watching your competitors pull away across an ever-widening digital divide.

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Specific Services 

Digital Marketing Strategy

We offer strategy overviews that evaluate a range of options across digital marketing channels and recommend priorities for action. We also offer hourly consulting with clients seeking advice on their digital marketing direction.

At Rumis Engage, we assist firms to ‘bake’ their unique strategy based on their own particular set of circumstances. We insist on knowing your business, competition, customers, goals, and marketing activities required to achieve business success. 



Social Media Strategy
Social media growth happens over time and is only successful with a comprehensive strategy. At Rumis Engage we evaluate the potential of various social media platforms to achieve your goals, through both organic reach and paid advertising.

Why Firms Must Consider Social Media

The fast and effective dissemination of user-generated content in social media platforms (SMPs) results in an extensive sharing of information about firms and their products as online word of mouth among its users. Firms must thrive hard to gain currency in the light of online word of mouth. Shared information has a significant influence on (potential) consumers’ as they rely more and more on the opinion of others.

By applying social media analytics, companies can monitor the user’s opinions about them, their products, and services to obtain important feedback for improvements. In turn, it may help lower costs for research and development by learning directly from the customers about their needs.

From the designers and engineers who are creating the next generation of web and mobile experiences, to anyone putting a website together for the first time. We provide elegant solutions that set new standards for online publishing.

More importantly, we provide actionable recommendations to fulfill that potential. We believe that Humanizing your brand is as simple as being active or consistent on social media

Content Marketing Plans

At Runis Engage, we’ll work with your team to develop a content marketing plan that supports your goals across multiple digital channels—including website engagement and conversions, SEO, list building, social media, email marketing, and PR.


Rumis Engage Approach

We do more than solely creating a monthly calendar of organic posts to be scheduled on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Our way of creating social media content is preceded by research that stems from immensely honing in on your brand and understanding what your target audience wants to see or experience. At Rumis Engage, we take pride in creating a comprehensive plan that promises growth in your brand’s online voice.

Social Media Management

Influencing and maintaining the reputation of a brand or building brand awareness requires numerous competencies. Social media management requires competencies in strategy development that are grounded in the analytics of data which in turn requires a high degree of creativity and collaboration. As Firms are forced to be active on different Social Media Platforms, Social Media Marketing tools provide functionalities to deploy holistic management across different SMPs.
At Rumis Engage we believe that social media platforms (SMPs) attracted a lot of attention and are established as an additional channel for communicating and broadcasting information. Consumers on these platforms are not only information consumers but active information contributors.

Rumis Engage Approach

At Rumis Engage we align with the fact that SMM strategy needs to be aligned with the strategic goals of the company to be effective. Hence, firms or startups need to come up with a strategy about their engagement in social media to have a positive impact on the firms’ public perception.
We assist firms in selecting the Social Media Platforms they want to be active on, decide on the purpose of their engagement (e.g., customer care, marketing, etc.), determine the extent to which they want to enter into a dialog with the users, and much more. We fully appreciate the relevance of social media in crafting a robust digital marketing strategy to ensure immense brand awareness and a positive return on investment and relationship.
Our holistic approach includes considerations for processes, software, and staffing to ensure the successful application of a smart strategy and day-to-day campaign execution. The prevalence of mobile/tablet utterly changed the customer purchasing journey into thousands of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments. More importantly, we assist firms in recognizing crucial moments where online customers make decisions and preferences.


At Rumis Engage, we ensure that firms’ social media management efforts are successful in terms of their goals, by assisting them in reviewing and managing their social media metrics. Beyond the metric lies analytics which involves evaluating that data to make business decisions and leveraging on performance insights against future campaigns.


The Sparkle Package

  • 10,000+ Reach per Week
  • Tens of Page Likes
  • 15 social post
  • Includes GHS150 Ads Budget
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Analytics Report

The Firework Package

  • 25,000+ Reach per Week
  • Tens of Page Likes
  • 15 social post
  • Includes GHS200 Ads Budget
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Analytics Report
  • Monthly Blog Post

The Lightning Package

  • 70,000+ Reach per Week
  • Tens of Page Likes
  • 20 social post
  • Includes GHS150 Ads Budget
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Analytics Report
  • Weekly Blog Post
  • Content Curation
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